As our name implies our sole focus is on football and enabling all the players that attend our Youth Academy to become a better footballers aswell as also providing them with qualities that will enable them to become successful in all walks of life.


Our coaches understand the need to set challenges to individuals within sessions to further their development in different areas of their game.


We want players with drive, passion, enthusiasm and a will to succeed but this has to be channeled in the right way to enable them to become better players, which is where It’s Just FOOTBALL’s coach’s experience in young player development excels.


This is why It’s Just FOOTBALL’s technical programme devises sessions that are specific to the age range, the squad (development or advanced) and also the individual.

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The 4 R’s


Receiving the ball

Movement to receive

How to receive - Body positions

Touches when receiving – Receiving in space/ receiving under pressure


Releasing the ball

Passing – Short/Long/Disguised/ Lofted/ Volleyed/curled

Shooting – Power/Placement/Curled/Chipped

Heading – Power/Placement/Defensive & attacking


Running with the ball (and without)

Dribbling – dribbling straight & dragging techniques with skills to beat opponents

1 v 1 / 2 v 2 / 3 v 3 / 4v 4 

Covering ground quickly / counter attacking

Runs & Movements to receive the ball or to allow space for other players to receive the ball


Recovering the ball

Defending techniques – Individuals and Units of players

1 v 1 / 2 v 2 / 3 v 3 / 4 v 4

Pressure – When / How / Where

Age Specific

We focus the importance of introducing and working on the following areas of play with the appropriate age groups:


5-8 year olds

Focus on:

Balance and Coordination work

Multi area touches and skills

Sessions to create understanding of the game of football in a fun environment

Concentration of technique work with both feet


9 – 12 years

Speed/Agility/Balance & Coordination

Skills to beat opponents/attacking flair

Receiving skills and movement to create time on the ball

Introduction of position specific roles and responsibilities

Reinforcement of weak foot passing/receiving/shooting


13 – 15 years

Strength/Speed/Flexibility/Agility – Testing

Formations & Tactics

Decision making on retaining the ball

Dietary Requirements to perform to potential


16 – 18 years

Mental/Physiological side of the game – As an individual and as a team

Individual training programmes to succeed

Match & Tournament Preparation

Leadership skills – Gaining experience and qualifications in the laws and teaching and organization of the game 

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